Summary results for the provinces and territories 2004/2005

Provinces and territories

Number of students participating by province

Please interpret figures for the territories with caution because of the small number of respondents (45 in Nunavut, 19 in the Northwest Territories and 13 in the Yukon).

Note that percentages may not add to 100 due to rounding.

Please note :
The following tables are available as a spreadsheet file only, in Microsoft Excel (XLS) or CSV (comma separated values) formats.

  1. Number of people in your household (XLS, 16 kb) (CSV)
  2. Participation in Census at School, by age (XLS, 19 kb) (CSV)
  3. Average height in centimetres, by age (XLS, 17 kb) (CSV)
  4. Average hand span in centimetres, by age (XLS, 17 kb) (CSV)
  5. Average wrist circumference in millimetres, by age (XLS, 17 kb (CSV)
  6. Average length of foot in centimetres, by age (XLS, 17 kb) (CSV)
  7. What do you usually have for breakfast? (XLS, 18 kb) (CSV)
  8. What do you drink when you’re thirsty? (elementary only) (XLS, 15 kb) (CSV)
  9. How do you get to school? (XLS, 17 kb) (CSV)
  10. What is your favourite subject? (XLS, 16 kb) (CSV)
  11. Which of these gadgets do you have? (XLS, 15 kb) (CSV)
  12. What are your plans for the year after high school? (Secondary only) (XLS, 27 kb)
  13. Who do you admire? (XLS, 23 kb) (CSV)
  14. Time spent on sports-related activities in the last week(XLS, 29 kb)
  15. Time spent on various activities in the last week (secondary only) (XLS, 42 kb)