Grades 9 to 12

  1. Bullying—studying it to curb it….

    Analyse data from your class and from a Canadian sample to better understand the bullying phenomenon.

  2. Math = GAMES?

    Are Math lovers more likely to be fond of games? Examine histograms, quartiles and standard deviations to find out.

  3. Do you have big feet?

    Manually plot a scatter graph of foot size against height.

  4. Talking feet

    Is there a relationship between foot size and height? Create scatter graphs and determine the lines of best fit using two different methods, with and without technology.

  5. Body and Mind

    See the effect of hidden variables on the analysis of different hypotheses.

  6. Where does the time go?

    Analyse time-use data and determine students’ most popular activities.

  7. Investigating sampling and confidence intervals

    Examine techniques that allow us to draw reasonable conclusions about a population from a sample and compute confidence intervals.

  8. Data management activities using analytical software

    Explore linear functions and discover the effect of sample size on data analysis

  9. Role models and heroes

    These activities on the study of heroes can apply to thematic units, social studies or history, as well as the development of language and critical thinking skills.

  10. Relationships between variables

    Does a relationship exist between two variables? Discover how the answer to this question is affected by the size and controlled variables of the sample you choose to investigate.

  11. The Vitruvian theory-does it apply to you?

    Verify the famous theory illustrated by Leonardo Da Vinci-that armspan is equal to height-for a sample of students from your class.

  12. Worksheets for analysing class data

    Use these paper and pencil activities with class data to calculate measures of central tendency, create frequency tables and graphs, make extrapolations and explore correlations.

  13. Recycling in Canada

    How does your class compare with Canadian households in terms of environmental responsibility? Analyse data on recycling by province and recommend ways to improve waste management practices.