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I entered my e-mail address and password but I keep getting sent back to the same screen. What should I do?

Make sure you are entering the correct e-mail address or password. If you have more than one e-mail address, enter the one you registered with us and that we used to send you your teacher password. Make sure you are … Continue reading

I would prefer not to receive any e-mail notices from Census at School Canada. How can I arrange this?

Before you submit your teacher information, you can click in the box beside the Note: If you DO NOT wish to receive such information, please check here.

Should I give my telephone number and e-mail address from school or from home?

Please provide the contact co-ordinates where it is easiest to get in touch with you. We will send you occasional information by e-mail about the Census at School project and other learning resources.

My school’s name is misspelled. / There’s a mistake in the name of the municipality or in the postal code. What should I do?

Spelling errors will not prevent you from registering, but if you wish, you can contact us to advise us of the correction. However, if the name of your school or municipality, or the school’s postal code, has recently changed, please … Continue reading

My school did not appear in the list after I entered the first three characters of my postal code. What should I do?

Make sure you are entering the postal code of your school and not of your home address. If your school is new, please enter full contact co-ordinates under Register your school.

I registered last year. Do I have to register again?

Yes.  For now, we do not have the teacher database from previous years.