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How can I obtain Canadian or international results to compare with our class results?

Click on Data and Results on the sidebar. Under Canadian data or International data, click on the link to the international Random data selector, which resides on the UK project site. Then follow the instructions to obtain a random sample … Continue reading

Now that I have my class data, what should I do with it?

Click on Learning activities and read Tips for using class data. Check out the classroom-ready activities. You can print and use them or download them and adapt them to your needs.

I tried to copy and paste the class results into my spreadsheet but some of the columns are missing. What should I do?

You won’t have this problem if you download the results directly to a spreadsheet program instead of trying to copy and paste. The View results link is intended only for viewing in HTML, not for copying and pasting. We offer … Continue reading

I want to change the class password or correct the class information I gave. How do I make the changes?

From the Teachers page, click on Sign in and enter your e-mail address and teacher password. Under Registered classes, click on the link for the class ID and then make the changes you want to the profile. The ID number … Continue reading

What’s the difference between the class name, the class password and the class ID?

You make up and enter a class name to identify the group: for example, ‘7b math.’ You create a class password, such as ’stars,’ for your students to use to access the online questionnaire. The system will automatically generate the … Continue reading

I would like my Grade 3 class to participate, but the registration only starts with Grade 4.

Contact us for more information.

I have a split grade class (Grade 4/5). What grade should I indicate when I register my class?

Please choose the grade level that represents the largest number of students in your class.

I registered my class last year. Can l still use the same class ID and password this year?

Each school year we create a new database, so you need to register your participating class(es) again every year. You can create the same class name and password if you want, but the system will provide you with a new … Continue reading

I entered my e-mail address and password but I keep getting sent back to the same screen. What should I do?

Make sure you are entering the correct e-mail address or password. If you have more than one e-mail address, enter the one you registered with us and that we used to send you your teacher password. Make sure you are … Continue reading

I would prefer not to receive any e-mail notices from Census at School Canada. How can I arrange this?

Before you submit your teacher information, you can click in the box beside the Note: If you DO NOT wish to receive such information, please check here.