I am a parent who is home-schooling my child. How can I participate in this project?

Get in touch with your local association of home-schooling families. We suggest that one contact person be responsible for registering your association. On the Teachers page, at First time user, the contact person enters your association’s postal code, then its contact co-ordinates, then his or her own ‘teacher’ co-ordinates. The contact person receives the teacher password by e-mail, which allows him or her to register two groups or ‘classes’, one elementary and one secondary. These classes include all the home-schooled students in your area. The contact-person chooses a grade level that best represents the students in the group.

The contact-person then:

sends the class ID and class password to the other participating families
asks each family to respond to the questionnaire by a specified deadline
retrieves the class results after the deadline and sends them to all participating families.

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