What’s New!

We spent our summer upgrading the mechanics of Census at School Canada.  If you’ve used Census at School in previous years, you may find that it looks a little different.  It should work as it did before, but there’s some new functionality — like the opportunity for teachers to reset their passwords — that you may find useful.  We’ve tested it extensively, but if you find any issues, please let us know at censusatschool@ssc.ca.

See how Canadian students responded to the Census at School questionnaire in 2015-2016

2016 is a Canadian census year.  Have your students participate in their own census with Census at School Canada!  It’s a great way to get students involved in data management and statistics.  It’s easy and interactive with lots of learning activities ready to go.

Interested in having your students learn more about the Canadian census?  Check out Statistics Canada’s great resources.

Contact us with your questions or to report any problems.

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