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I am a parent who is home-schooling my child. How can I participate in this project?

Get in touch with your local association of home-schooling families. We suggest that one contact person be responsible for registering your association. On the Teachers page, at First time user, the contact person enters your association’s postal code, then its … Continue reading

How can I be sure that my students’ privacy and confidentiality will be respected?

We pride ourselves on keeping all collected data confidential. Please read our privacy statement.

We can’t enable JavaScript on our computers. What do we do?

Ask students to complete the online survey at home as homework. Or consider doing the class survey by hand without contributing to the national data.

How do I enable JavaScript on our Web browser?

Google Chrome (15.0) Click the spanner icon on the browser toolbar. Select Options. Click the Under the Hood tab. Click Content Settings in the ‘Privacy section.’ Select Allow all sites to run JavaScript in the ‘JavaScript’ section. Mozilla Firefox (8.0) … Continue reading

We have very few computers in our school. Can we still participate?

You might consider asking students to complete the online survey at home as homework. Or you could do the survey by hand without contributing to the national data. Go to Survey questions on the left sidebar and print out the … Continue reading

My principal wants to get the whole school involved. How do we do that?

The project is designed so that individual teachers can register their classes and access their results. For a school-wide activity, a project manager could be appointed to help individual teachers set up and conduct their own class surveys. The teachers … Continue reading

Why are there two different questionnaires?

The questionnaire for elementary students has questions in common with the questionnaire for secondary students. But both also have some different questions adapted to each age group. For example, younger students are asked about their pets and whether they have … Continue reading

Is it necessary to send a letter home to parents to inform them of this project?

It’s up to you whether to send the Letter to parents or caregivers home with your students. We encourage you to inform parents about your class’ online survey.

Do I have to get my principal’s approval?

We expect that teachers usually inform their principal of special class projects that they undertake. We suggest that you ask your principal to read the Letter to the principal, so that he or she will be informed of the project … Continue reading