Episode 2: Teacher and class registration

NOTE: These videos were prepared when the Census at School Project was managed by Statistics Canada. Most of the information is still relevant.

Duration: 6:27  min.

This episode will guide you through two preparations you need to know as a teacher before you can use Census at School with your students.

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Video Transcript

Transcript of Episode 2
Teacher and class registration for the Census at School project

Hi, I am Angela McCanny and I am a resource teacher for Statistics Canada.

I have helped hundreds of teachers and students get started in using Census at School in the classroom.

This episode will focus on two preparations you need to do as a teacher to get started in using Census at School. The first thing is to register yourself as a teacher on the Census at School website to obtain your teacher password. The second thing is to enroll each of your classes so that they will have a class ID and a class password to get started in completing the on-line survey.

When you register as a teacher, you will receive a 6-letter nonsensical word as your password. You will need it each time you access the teacher portion of the Census at School website and to access your class results after your students have completed the survey. Obtaining your teacher password is a one-time process. You can continue to use the same teacher password year after year, with no need to re-register each time.

So, let’s get started in registering on the Census at School website.

Teacher registration: obtain a Census at School teacher password

  • Open the Census at School website. Go to www.censusatschool.ca. In the left menu column, select Teachers. Beneath the Sign in at the top of the page, click First-time user.
  • Scroll down to Teachers: Register here and follow the registration instructions. Enter first 3 letters of your school postal code. You will see a list of schools in that postal code area, and you can select your school from the list. Or, if your school is not there, complete the school information section, below the list of schools, to include your school.
  • On the next page, complete your personal teacher information. Type in your full name and title (this can be Mr., Ms., teacher, whatever you identify with), your phone number (or the phone number of your school if you prefer), your email address and either your home or school mailing address. This information will not be used for any purpose except to email you occasional news about Census at School, new lessons for using your class data and other Statistics Canada learning resources. If you do not wish to receive such information, just click the box at the bottom of the page.
  • Now, click the Submit button. Verify your information on the next page, and when it is correct, click Submit again.
  • Your teacher password will be sent to your email address immediately. If you are on a school server, it could take a few minutes to arrive, or you might try checking your bulk mail or junk mail folder to see if it has been sent there. If you have still not received your password after 15 minutes, click the Need help? box in the left menu bar. You can dial the toll free number to talk to a live representative who will assist you during office hours or send an email to sos@statcan.gc.ca explaining your difficulty. The response is generally very prompt!
  • Once you have received your password, write it down or archive the email message. You will need this password and the email address you used to register every time you access the Teacher portion of the Census at School website.

Class registration: obtain a Class ID number and a Class password

Now that you have your teacher password, it is time to enroll the class or classes who will be doing the Census at School survey.

  • There are two ways to reach the class registration page. If you still have the Successful registration page open, click on sign in. Or, anytime you log onto the Census at School website, you can click Teachers in the left menu bar and click on Teacher Sign In.
  • Follow the instructions under Sign in here to register classes and access results. In the boxes provided, type the email address you used for obtaining your password, and your teacher password. Click Sign in.
  • If you have forgotten your password, go to the bottom of the page and type in your email address and click Request password. It will be sent to you shortly.
  • Scroll down to the heading Register a classand complete the information for the first class you would like to register.
    • First, select the grade range for your class, either Grade 4 to 8 or Grade 9 to 12, as there is a slightly different version of the Census at School survey for the elementary and secondary students.
    • Next, select the actual grade. If you are teaching a combined class, for example a grade 7/8 split, just select one of the grades to identify the class.
    • Type the number of students. Don’t worry about getting the number exactly right as there is no limit to the number of students who can complete the survey.
    • Type a class name to remind yourself which class this is. For example, Gr. 8 EFI or, Grade 5, period 1.
    • Finally, create a class password. Your students will be using this password, so do not use your favourite password that you use for all of your private accounts.
  • Now click Submit. On the Teacher edit classes page, check and correct any information and click Activate this class.
  • The website will return to the Welcome page. To see the class you have just registered, scroll down to Your registered classes at the bottom of the page. Each class you register this year will be listed here.
  • The two pieces of information your students will need are listed in the columns with an orange heading: the Class ID and the Class password. Please record these so that you will be able to give them to your students when it is time for them to complete the survey. If you need to look them up at a later time, you can always come back to the Teacher section of the website, sign-in with your email and teacher password and scroll down to Your registered classes, and check what you have listed under Class ID and Class password.

If you would like to register more classes, just return to the Register a class section, and enroll any of the other classes that you would like to include.

Now you have completed your teacher preparations for doing the Census at School survey.

Your next step? Help the students take 5 body measurements so they will have that information when they are ready to start the survey.

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